Pizza is practically an American food group. As a country it has become an icon in our culture. And with delivery, anyone can get a pizza when they want it. But we have noticed some patterns in the kinds of people who order pizza. So whether you fit into the part people pizza group, or the exhausted people classification, we can all relate to needing a slice sometimes. Read more about the different kinds of people who order pizza and find out where you fit in!

The Party People

A party isn’t a party without pizza. This is an empirical fact of the universe. It’s great for sharing, relatively cheap, quite delicious, and the best part about pizza  is that you don’t even need a plate to eat it. For all of our party people from Layton to Spanish Fork, Pizza Factory will provide that most mandatory of wood-fired delights. And we deliver! Call now to order.

The Exhausted People

Not only is pizza the perfect food for a riotous good time, it is the ultimate food for a solitary night in. For the woman who was up on her feet all day, for the man who broke his toe, for the office worker who shares a cubicle with a crazy person, pizza can make it all better. Tell everyone to go away and turn on your favorite TV show and silence your phone. But only after you ordered your pizza from Pizza Factory.

The Young People

Ah, the sweet nostalgic joy of warm crust, juicy marinara, and all the meat your parents would let you order. American children need pizza like cows need California and cell phones need chargers. Don’t deprive you child of the one food that can house all of the traditional food groups. Give them pizza. Give them Pizza Factory.

The Family People

What tastes like joy, smells like delight, and brings every family together? Pizza. It even comes right to your door in a convenient and stylish box. It has the power not only to reassure your tastebuds and transport your stomach to a place of rapture, but it satisfies the soul hungry for smiles around the dinner table. The Pizza Factory has perfected the recipe proven to provide these results and more. Don’t wait to call.

Pizza, like Justin Bieber and Celine Dion, are for everyone. Old or young, tall or short, you deserve to have pizza in your life, and not just any pizza. Pizza Factory. Don’t forget: we deliver. Call the location closest to you.

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