So, it’s time. Today is the day to create THE pizza; the pizza of your dreams. You will customize your pizza to your heart’s desire without leaving behind a single detail. Many “build your own pizza” restaurants will have rules. Maybe they’ll restrict your pepperoni usage, or say you can’t have that cheese, but we won’t.

At The Pizza Factory, you will build your own pizza like the architect you are.

Step 1
Arrive at this custom pizza restaurant, The Pizza Factory at 2230 N University Pkwy. Be sure to bring your appetite and your creativity!

Step 2
Be seated by one of our staff, and let them know that you came to customize your own pizza with fervor. They will direct you and guide you through the process. If you’re stuck, ask for suggestions. Our staff knows just what it takes to make the perfect pizza.

Step 3
Explore the menu and peruse your options, or come prepared and take a sneak peak at the online menu. Try not to be overwhelmed as you debate between the 16 different toppings you can have and which crust will perfectly frame your masterpiece.

Step 4
List your choices of your customized pizza to your server, who will take it back to the kitchen to our professional pizza chefs to build your pizza. Don’t forget to add one of our signature breadtwists or a trip to our delicious salad bar.

Step 5
Receive pizza and dive into cheesy goodness.
Our Build-Your-Own-Pizza option is great for kids and for any pizza lover who’s willing to try new and exciting creations. Come in and build yours today!