• How to Make Dairy-Free Pizza Worth Getting Excited Over

    It may seem like if you can’t have layers and layers of cheesy goodness on your pizza, there is no point in eating pizza at all.

    But hear this out.

    Pizza is a strong, flexible food that can definitely roll with the punches — even the dairy-free punches. All you need are some insider tricks of the trade, and your homemade dairy-free pizza will rise to mouth-watering status. Here’s how:

    I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cheese

    One option to consider is finding a dairy-free cheese substitute. Now, this isn’t as simple as it might sound. Finding a substitute that is melty, stretches, and even just tastes good can take all sorts of trial and error, but here are some you can try out that we think are great:

    • Daiya Cheese: These shreds are tried and true when it comes to flavor and melty deliciousness. They have mozzarella, pepperjack, and more.
    • Field Roast Chao: Their products have a fermented tofu base with delightful flavors and textures. Their Chao Slices could easily be ripped and scattered or layed over a pizza for a gourmet feel.
    • Teese Vegan: This mozzarella cheese is the perfect mozzarella substitute for pizza. It melts, stretches, and tastes like the real deal.
    • Follow Your Heart: These vegan gourmet shreds have a creamy texture and a lot of dairy-free (and vegan) options that will melt over your pizza and satisfy the cheese craving.

    To take it a step further, you can whip up a cheese substitute at home. To make a mozzarella-like cheese, try this recipe for a nut-based flavorful cheese.

    Ditch the Cheese Altogether

    It might seem like cheese is the defining factor of pizza, but the truth is if you choose the right toppings, your pizza can stand on its own without it. Really, covering up those delicious toppings with cheese could detract from it!

    One of the best pizzas to do this with is a Barbecue Pizza. The flavors are already there, and the toppings are complete without mounding cheese on top. Try this recipe and you won’t even miss the dairy.

    Leaving cheese out of the pizza equation actually opens millions of doors full of pizza possibilities. Some things just don’t even make sense with cheese! For example: this Thai Naan Pizza recipe. Don’t put cheese on this. Even if you can, just don’t. Another solid option is a Pesto Pizza. This recipe is a little more complex, but the payoff is worth it!

    So yeah, while dairy-drenched cheese on pizza is amazing….

    You can enjoy your pizza to the fullest without the stuff. Pizza doesn’t need cheese, and once you take a stab at some of these recipes, you might just feel like pizza doesn’t even want cheese. Of course, if you want to go out to eat and still enjoy cheese-free pizza, visit The Pizza Factory, where you can customize and top your pizza however you want, no cheese required.