Relationships may come and go, but pizza will love you forever. It is the only love triangle you need in your life. And luckily for you, the love and happiness of fresh, warm pizza is just around the corner at The Pizza Factory in Lindon. No matter what type of cheesy goodness you are craving, our pizza place has your back.

But we get it…

Sometimes the thought of dining in may be too much. After a long, hard day, all you want to do is curl up and fill your stomach with the least amount of effort required. At The Pizza Factory in Lindon, you can also call in an order for delicious pizza to go. Fast, fresh, and handled with the utmost care, our priority is to get a top quality pizza in your hands as quickly as possible.

Bring Your Hungry Stomachs Here

Do not waste time getting “hangry,” trying to decide where to eat. Bring your hungry, pizza-craving stomachs to this Lindon pizza restaurant. Our number one priority is making our customers happy. We are dedicated to serving high quality, tasty pizza that will not only fill your stomach, but will also satisfy your soul.

But we know how the world works:

Not everyone craves the same kind of pizza. That’s why we offer pizza in all sizes, whether you are looking to fill a large group or just need a personal sized pizza so you can stop arguing over toppings with your significant other. For those that like their pizza with a little more heft, we’ve got Chicago style just for you. For the meat lovers, we have a variety of hearty meats to top your pizza with. No matter what your personal flavor preferences, we are here to serve.

Wait? What’s that we hear?

Aching for something delicious and filling but not feeling the pizza love? No worries. We have you covered. Over the years our Pizza Factory Lindon location has expanded the menu to include an array of familiar Italian favorites. Along with pizza, we also offer our famous breadtwists; fresh, crisp salads; gooey, custom built cookies; or hot and fresh calzones.

Don’t make your stomach wait another moment.

Check out our full online menu and treat yourself to a tasty, fun meal today.