• Best Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

    We all have that one friend whose love language is inspired by the culinary arts. Trying to get the best gift for this foodie friend of yours? Here is a list that can get you started!

    Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles

    Let the title speak for itself! Every foodie with a sweet tooth needs to satisfy it. Forget the first aid kit for this emergency and hit a chocolate truffle kit to satisfy every chocolate craving. Buy this gift for your foodie here.

    Edible Cookie Dough

    Some people believe that the best part of baking cookies is the soft, slightly toasted texture when it is pulled out of the oven. However, many foodies would beg to differ. Why bake the dough when it can almost be more tasty just to eat it? Buy this edible cookie dough in different flavors to skip the prepping and the baking while still enjoying part of the cookie experience.

    Mini Donut Maker

    The second best thing to eating cookie dough is creating and eating your own donuts! This donut maker provides a way to taste a delicious treat without the unhealthy method of frying. It is easy to use and to clean! Get this for your foodie here.

    Salts of the World Test Tube Set

    When a recipe indicates to ‘add salt’, you probably thought it only referred to one kind of salt. This is the opportunity to buy your foodie a gift that can even expand their taste of a simple seasoning. Bret Cramer has collected exotic salts from all over the world and sold them so others can use them and taste them too. Buy the salts of the world test tube set to help your foodie take the taste of their fries and meat to another level.

    Avocado Huggers

    There are many tasty things you can get for your foodie friend, or there are some more practical gifts that would definitely help them in the kitchen. Take the avocado huggers, for example. Have you ever split an avocado to use the one half one day and the next half the next day? You will probably notice that the half saved for the next day looks browner than the half used the day before. These avocado huggers can fix that problem real fast by placing half of the avocado in an avocado hugger to save it for the next day. These avocado huggers come in different sizes Check them out here!

    Personalized Cutting Board

    Another great gift you can give your foodie is to customize their every day baking equipment. For example, personalize a cutting board for your friend to add a cute touch to their kitchen and their experience in creating delicious meals and treats. Buy now here.

    A Stovetop Pizza Oven

    Forget your home oven, and use this pizza oven to cook your pizza creations! This is the perfect gift for any foodie who loves to cook just as much as they like to eat. This oven is also portable and can be transported to any kitchen to create fantastic pizzas! Buy this for your foodie here.

    Pizza Factory Bread Cards

    Gotta put a plug here! It’s one thing to get your foodie a pizza oven and it’s even better to get them a gift card to The Pizza Factory. This card is the ticket if you want to skip rolling out the dough and baking, and instead get that quality, fresh taste served right to you. Visit any of our locations to buy a gift card today.