“Unless you are a pizza, the answer is yes, I can live without you.” -Bill Murray

Almost everyone likes pizza. In fact, a recent poll found that pizza is America’s favorite comfort food. That means that pizza makes the the perfect meal for groups and events. With tons of different toppings, people can eat what they want, and the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a great pizza place in Provo, look no further. The Pizza Factory offers great pizza to Provo and surrounding areas. With our personal pizzas, we serve slices just the way you want them! Each pizza comes with a side of bread twists too.

The Pizza Factory is the perfect restaurant for your next gathering. Pizza is sure to be a crowd pleaser, and we have enough space to accommodate whatever you want to celebrate. Here are some events that we would love to serve you up some pizza:A Birthday Party

Whether the guest of honor is turning 10 or 100, The Pizza Factory has something on the menu for all ages to enjoy. We serve traditional flavors like cheese and pepperoni, and more sophisticated pies like chicken alfredo.

A Wedding

Host your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, luncheon, or other wedding gathering at The Pizza Factory. The menu fits any occasion with a variety of pizza, pasta, desserts, and more.


Celebrate your success at The Pizza Factory. After years of school and probably many late nights of eating pizzas, you should celebrate graduation with one of our specialty pizzas. Success deserves a treat, so make sure to try the popular Never On Sundae dessert.


Gather your family together to eat delicious pizza and The Pizza Factory’s renowned Bread Twists. This sit down restaurant allows for relaxed, fun conversation so you can enjoy the time you have to spend together.

Girl’s or Guy’s Night Out

You and your friends can all enjoy your time and food at The Pizza Factory. Even the pickiest eaters can find something they like with customized pizza and pastas. Plus, everyone needs a night out every once and awhile.

Hosting Guests

When your friends and family are visiting from out-of-town, show them what Provo has to offer. Eating at The Pizza Factory will make it a trip to remember. Our trained staff will serve you and your guests so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

An Empty Fridge

Sometimes you don’t want to cook or you don’t want to go shopping. When you want to eat out and want food that’s made to your liking, head over to The Pizza Factory. We offer affordable meals when you want them. Our kitchen is always cooking.

So whatever the occasion is, come eat at The Pizza Factory for all your pizza needs. You can view the entire menu online.