• 5 Creative Ways to Eat Your Leftover Pizza

    We understand your need for knowing what to do with your leftover pizza. Often enough, you buy a whole pizza or two with leftovers to spare. The next day comes and you wonder what to do with your leftover pizza from the Pizza Factory? You know pizza is not as good cold, and if you warm it up the pizza may not have that same fresh taste.

    It’s simple.

    We have provided 5 EASY hacks to eat your leftover pizza.

    1) Pizza Melt

    92090508 – toast pizza sandwich cut in half. ready to eat. fast food.

    All you need besides your leftover pizza, is a griddle, spatula, mozzarella and provolone. Put each pizza slice, you bought at the Pizza Factory, on a griddle. As the pizza cooks, put mozzarella and provolone on your one slice. Press one slice of pizza on top with a metal spatula and flip after 3 minutes. You will enjoy a warm pizza melt besides a cold or soggy leftover pizza.

    2) Pizza Casserole

    25551845 – casserole with tomato and cheese

    Making a pizza casserole doesn’t sound very appealing. However, if you have leftover pizza from the Pizza Factory, it will change your opinion about pizza casseroles.

    It’s as simple as this:

    Grab your leftover pizza, cut the slices into tiny pieces, grab a few other extra toppings (cheese, greens, meat, eggs, etc) and then follow this amazing recipe from allrecipes.com.

    3) Pizza Omelet

    78627032 – omelet with mushrooms and tomatoes. homemade omelet with fried mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and dill greens on a plate, ingredients on a vintage wooden table. stuffed omelet recipe. rustic style

    Can you have your leftover pizza for breakfast? Oh yes, and it’s not just a cold slice of pizza, it’s made even better!

    All you need is an egg, then take the crust off your pizza and you are set to follow this simple omelet recipe.

    4) Pizza Rolls

    53372220 – pizza rolls

    Pizza Factory leftover pizza rolls are the most ingenious way of cooking your leftover pizza. Take your leftover pizza, cut off the crust, put any additional toppings you want on it, and slowly roll the slice. Lastly, stab a toothpick through when done rolling. Add your rolls to a cooking sheet and bake until they are toasted.

    5) Skillet Pizza

    73501032 – homemade cheese pan pizza ready to eat

    Okay, you might not want to take the time and make these yummy recipes, or you might just want your pizza slice warm again without being soggy.

    What do you do?

    The best way we have found is to cook your pizza is on a skillet. Simply put your pizza face down on a skillet and wait for a couple minutes. When the cheese starts to melt and forms a crust, you will want to flip the pizza with a metal spatula. Now you will cook the crust of the pizza for a couple minutes on medium-high. In the end, you have cooked your leftover slice to warm, crunchy perfection. Yum!

    Where Do You Go for Great Pizza?

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