• 5 Best Ways to Eat Leftover Pizza

    Americans eat a lot of pizza. And by that, we mean a LOT. According to The Atlantic, Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day. That’s 350 slices per second!

    The Food Network has determined that the average American will eat at least 6,000 slices of pizza during their lifetime. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on in this billion-dollar industryAs you already know, having all of this pizza produces more than its fair share of leftovers. Don’t deny it – we’ve all had to figure out how to strategically fit a whole pizza box in our refrigerator.

    Fresh pizza is incredible, and leftover pizza (eaten cold or hot) can be pretty tasty too. But what if there was a new, more exciting way to reheat our leftover pizzas and enjoy them even more?

    Here are the 5 best ways to transform your leftover pizza:

    1. Pizza Croutons

    Take your salads to the next level with cubed crunchified leftover pizza bites. These croutons make the perfect addition to your salad, or a warm bowl of tomato soup.

    Thrillist has a great recipe for these Pizza Croutons that only takes about 15 minutes to make and requires only some leftover pizza and a little bit of oil.

    2. Pizza Waffle

    In case you were looking for another reason to go out and buy a waffle iron, here it is. Not only is the pizza waffle one of the easiest ways to improve your leftover pizza, it’s one of the tastiest as well. Turn that cold cheese into a crunchy pocket of gooey deliciousness.

    Just whip out your waffle iron, insert the slice of pizza, and wait a few minutes until it’s done.

    Check out First We Feast’s photo step by step recipe.

    Feel free to customize it however you like, and be sure to try dipping it in some marinara sauce for an amazing experience.

    3. Pizza Lasagna

    Lasagna is already a great dish, but pizza lasagna is definitely a next-level adventure. If you want a new way to use that leftover pizza without anyone even knowing you’ve used pizza, then this is the recipe to try (from cookin with super pickle’s blog).

    4. Savory Pizza Bread Pudding

    It might sound weird, but don’t walk away just yet….it’s not the sweet bread pudding you might be thinking of. This recipe is a cheese, tomato sauce, veggies, and bread soaked in an eggy mixture and baked. It might be better to consider it more like a casserole. Regardless of what you want to call it, it’s a delicious recipe for leftover pizza.

    5. Grilled Cheese Pizza

    This one’s pretty easy to make, and pretty amazing to try. All you’re going to need is two slices of pizza (at least), a pan, oil, and some extra cheese. Or, if you have a panini press or sandwich maker, feel free to use that!

    Rachel Ray shows us just how to make this delightful recipe, so follow along with her!

    So when is the next time you’re going to go out for pizza? Hopefully it’s soon! Whenever it is though, be sure to get enough pizza to take home some leftovers and try out some (or all!) of these recipes. Bon appetit!