• Creatively Pairing Pizza Flavors for Beginners

    pizza with greens and shrimp

    At the Pizza Factory, you can customize your pizza, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here’s a guide for flavor pairing that won’t leave you regretting your decisions.


    Putting a Twist on an Old Classic

    We all know the classic pizzas. Alfredo with chicken and tomatoes, BBQ sauce with chicken and bacon, red sauce with pepperoni and sausage, they are the oldies but goodies. If you’re looking to try some more interesting flavors, it could be as simple as adding something new to something tried and true.

    This could mean putting pineapple on your BBQ, tossing some garlic on the classic ham and pineapple, or artichoke on a margherita.


    Getting Creative with Cheese

    Here at The Pizza Factory, we know about cheese. For some, it’s the best part of the pizza! So don’t shy away from trying sharp cheddar on your pie. Want something even more interesting for your palate? Add feta cheese for a new taste dimension.


    Switch Up Your Sauce

    The base flavor of a pizza is defined by the sauce. Changing the sauce can remake the whole pizza, and let other flavors come out of the woodwork. This can be a tricky business, as not all flavors go well with a ranch sauce.

    If you’re building your own pizza at home, you might want to try even more unorthodox sauces for the base, but we’ll caution against mixing sauces without trying a bit first. Some dressing and sauce fraternizing can be a risky business!


    Don’t Be Intimidated by Unfamiliar Proteins

    Maybe you can’t beat plain pepperoni on red sauce with mozzarella cheese… but maybe you can.

    Salami, Italian sausage, and even shrimp can be expertly paired to switch up your basic pizzas. Bring shrimp into the game! Shrimp has a unique taste that really rocks a garlic chicken pizza.


    You Know Your Preferences. Or Do You?

    We definitely don’t want to come off sounding like anyone’s mother, but chances are, if you try pairing flavors that you haven’t tried together, you’ll either love it or it won’t be so bad.

    There may be some foods you just won’t eat, and that’s fine. But keep in mind that when you put something on a pizza and cook it with another flavor that compliments it well, it could change everything!

    Come to The Pizza Factory to try your hand at flavor pairing, or ask us! If there is one thing we know, it’s pizza.

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Creatively Pairing Pizza Flavors for Beginners


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